Adriana Zraly

Adriana Zraly is a junior writing about mental health and well-being. Her column, “Piece of Mind,” typically ran the last Wednesday of every month.

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Piece of Mind: How to maintain resilience through the coronavirus
Insight offered from words like resilience, that are so commonly thrown around in times of trials and tribulations, can especially serve us now and going forward.

Piece of Mind: A strong community is vital in the battle against COVID-19
In a time when we are experiencing a pandemic — a deadly strain of coronavirus has overtaken the world — we must practice empathy more than ever before.

Piece of Mind: Self-care practices should not be overlooked
There are many misconceptions surrounding what self-care is and isn’t.

Piece of Mind: Talk therapy is a crucial part of one’s overall wellness
Talk therapy is a completely normal and healthy approach to ensuring your overall wellness, and it should never be looked down upon or labeled as unnecessary.