A quarter of USC’s student population is international, and yet this community is often underrepresented in the stories that are told at the University. These students must adjust to American society and plan for their future at an accelerated pace, all while balancing the day-to-day responsibilities of being a college student. Not only do their voices and experiences deserve to be heard, but everyone at USC should learn more about a group that plays such a large role in shaping the identity of this school.

Just last month the coronavirus pandemic shut down much of the United States and sent many international students back home. And because of that, these stories feel even more pertinent. But, through this semesterlong project, we wanted to make sure that we published stories detailing the international student experience independent of this unprecedented moment in modern history.

International students’ perspectives shape a culture at USC that was important before the coronavirus and will continue to matter long after the pandemic is over.

Aidan Berg, Daniel Hahm and Amanda Sturges

Features Editors, Spring 2020

"A Long Way From Home:" Print edition