Letter from
the Editors

After more than a year of virtual learning, the Trojan Family remains resilient. Whether that means professors, staff or students, everyone involved continues to trudge forward. Since the pandemic shaped every facet of life, Daily Trojan decided to highlight its effect on the USC community.

When our lives were uprooted by the coronavirus pandemic, the structural issues on campus became crystal clear to more than those who were affected. While the bond between students on campus is strong, the pandemic has tested its strength, highlighting discrepancies among students with differences in learning, income and location.

Students across the world are unable to return to the United States and some are still forced to attend classes out of different time zones. Additionally, many students with disabilities were forced into online learning without much thought to support a seamless transition.

Professors worked to make hands-on learning accessible in spite of various barriers whether it was music, aerospace engineering or English. Despite the obvious, most USC professors continue to do their best to give students the quality education they deserve and pay for. While USC tries to showcase their coronavirus safety, the campus culture continues to seep through.

USC, a wealthy predominantly white school in the heart of South Central, continues to have its peaks and pits. The layers of contribution to campus culture will always lead to a variety of experiences and stories. The following collection is spotlighting student life at USC in 2021. Three virtual semesters later, the Trojan Family continues to bond together regardless of what life hurls toward us.

Maria Eberhart & Sophia Ungaro

Features Editors, Spring 2021
Illustration of student stretching inside a cube that is a room

University struggles to connect students to disability resources

Immunocompromised and disabled students have had to advocate for themselves for the accommodations they need.

USC community copes with health struggles caused by the pandemic

Students and professors share the struggles of Zoom fatigue and effective ways to combat these challenges.

Professors eagerly await a campus return after over a year of zoom

Instructors look forward to welcoming students to in-person classes after semesters of remote learning.

Freshmen and transfer students reflect on their first year online

These students had to take an active role in building community without a traditional first year on campus.

An illustration of someone on their laptop, backlit by a screen of students on Zoom

Zoom University:

Students discuss their first year at USC fully remote and online

Sarah Yoo, Freshman

Lauren Schatzman, Freshman

Candice Yun, Transfer

Anthony Gharib, Transfer

TikTok University:

Student by day, TikTok creator by night

Kevin Allen / @im.just.kevin

Claire Fogarty / @clairecancook

Victoria Hammett / @victoriahammett