College GOP will ban some from Horowitz

The USC College Republicans’ decision to bring David Horowitz, a conservative writer and activist, to campus sparked controversy from the moment it was announced, but the outcry ramped up this week when some students were denied admission to tonight’s event.

The College Republicans, who are hosting the private event, are denying admission to around 30 students affiliated with specific student organizations, including Students for Justice in Palestine and the Progressive Alliance. Alexa Ekman, president of the USC College Republicans, said the group decided to ban certain students because they were worried about potential protests.

Ekman said the College Republicans has obtained copies of emails that made the organization feel there was a real danger of physical or verbal protest by members of SJP and other groups during the event.

Ekman wouldn’t say exactly why she believed a protest might ensue. She did, however, reference an Facebook message that was sent to members of SJP from the group’s president, Alex Shams.

The email tells SJP members, “The fact that a USC student group is bringing this kind of racist trash to speak at our school is absolutely unacceptable, and it is up to us as students to resist it. Students for Justice in Palestine has voted to oppose this speaker in any way possible, and I am now calling on you to help us figure out how to respond.”

In light of this message, Ekman said College Republicans was concerned.

“We’re worried about our event and the people attending and our speaker,” Ekman said. “We do have reason to believe that there is a threat of opposition, whether it is by words or via violence.”

Shams, a senior majoring in international relations, said he is angry about the choice of speaker because of Horowitz’s conservative principles, which often target Islam.

“Right now, the USC College Republicans is bringing a man who is a very vocal and famous racist and Islamophobe who has in the past come to campuses across the country and targeted students in a similar way with his hate speech,” he said.

But no verbal or physical protest was ever planned, Shams said.

“That protest wasn’t supposed to disruptive at all. It was supposed to be silent,” he said.

Leena Ali, a second-year neuroscience Ph.D. student and a member of SJP, said only a silent protest was planned.

“We weren’t going to shout anything; we were going to get up and turn our backs,” she said.

But Ekman insisted there was a real threat of a protest at the event.

“They have shown active involvement in preparation to protest our speaker, and [we] feel that the reasons above justify their denial to our event,” Ekman wrote in an email.

She emphasized, however, that it is not the protest that concerns USC College Republicans, but the way in which it might be conducted.

“We are fine with their protest,” she said. “We welcome their opinions and ideas, [but] not to the speaker on our time, and at our event that we paid for, in a disrespectful manner.”

Shams accused the College Republicans of denying anyone with a “Muslim-sounding” name entrance to the event, but Ekman denied that claim. Many members of Students for Justice in Palestine are Muslim.

“We are not letting anybody in those [specific] groups in. It has nothing to do with racial profiling,” she said. “We spoke with Heather Larabee, [assistant dean of students and director of Campus Activities], and we told her exactly what we’re doing, so we’re in the clear.”

Larabee did not return calls asking for comment.

Ekman said the USC College Republicans are using Facebook to determine if students are associated with SJP or the Progressive Alliance and emailing these students to tell them they will not be allowed to attend the event.

“This is event is entirely privately funded, and thus USC College Republicans reserves the right to deny entrance to anyone for any reason,” the email reads. “The rhetoric utilized by students opposed to this event has given USC College Republicans extreme concern regarding the safety of our speaker and all those in attendance of the event. We have excluded your names from the RSVP list. Please do not attempt to attend our event, as you will be denied entrance.”

The College Republicans did not attempt to talk to members of SJP before the event in order to find a compromise between the two groups, because SJP and USC Progressive Alliance demonstrated they did not want to make amends with the College Republicans, Ekman said.

“[The USC Progressive Alliance made] fliers that pretend to be from our club and are inflammatory and derogatory and are types of slander,” she said. “By putting those words in our mouth, they have usurped their rights to have attendance to our event because they are not respectful at all.”

On his blog, Horowitz addressed the creation of the fliers, which were titled, “Hate Muslims? So Do We!!” and refuted the Progressive Alliance’s claims that he is a racist, saying they misquoted him.

Horowitz wrote that the Progressive Alliance flier attributed a quote to him which was “entirely invented” and “represent[s] nothing” that he has ever written.

Despite the controversy, Dan Schnur, the director of the Jesse M. Unruh Institute of Politics, said one of the benefits USC students receive is the opportunity to hear speakers of a wide range of ideas and opinions.

“Horowitz is certainly a very provocative speaker, but his is one voice of many in the debate over the future of the Middle East that has right to be heard,” he said.

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  1. Ali
    Ali says:

    How many times does it need to be pointed out: Islam is NOT a “race”. Islam is a religion.

    Calling someone who calls Islam a supremacist religion does NOT make that person a “racist”.

    Mohammed treated non-Muslims with contempt. He forced them to convert to Islam, or forced them to pay a special tax that only non-Muslims had to pay, or if neither of these tactics worked he killed non-Muslims.

    Mohammed waged many battles against non-Muslims. This is easy to prove as stories of these battles and the sadistic actions Mohammed and his men participated in can be found in the Koran. These stories are FROM the Koran. David Horowitz did NOT make them up.

    Mohammed taught his followers to force non-Muslims to convert, or to become second-class citizens, or to be killed if they did not convert or pay the special “non-Muslim” tax. By the time of Mohammed’s death almost the entire Arabian Peninsula had been “cleansed” of all non-Muslims. (Today this would be called “genocide.)

    Islam is NOT a race. It is a relibion. It IS a supremacist religion which considers all others to be inferior. This is what Horowitz said.

  2. mikie
    mikie says:

    As a Mexican-American who identifies as a Republican, i find this kind of race based hate mongering as repulsive as it is unconstructive. This is exactly the kind of thing that is making the Republican Party less and less appealing to Americans, we need to return to the Repulblican Party of old, the party that protects civil liberties, that limits federal governmental powers while upholding states rights, that promotes the free market economy instead of making it an “old boys'” club. I hope the CR get their act together. : D

  3. vinman
    vinman says:

    If you want to talk about slander, how about the fact that the David Horowitz Freedom Center ran an ad in the UCSB campus paper claiming that the Muslim Student Association was a radical political group founded by the godfather of Al Qaeda and Hamas, what was this accusation based on, simply because they were muslim?

    He started an organization called Discover the Networks that purports to keep tabs on leftist individuals and organizations because they may be in fact supporting Islamic terrorism.

    So tell me how much of a benefit can students possibly derive from a speech from this guy? His parents were members of the communist party and ironcially if he were around back then he would most likely be part of the McCarthy mob that would have blacklisted them and even worse accused them of espionage and called for their deaths.

  4. Kristan
    Kristan says:

    This is absurd. Not only because of the comments that Horowitz has made concerning other ethnic groups, but the fact that the GOP party can endorse this type of speaker/behavior. First Ann Coulter a few years back, and now this? The next thing I’ll read in the DT will be about Rush Limbaugh spreading his foolishness all over Bovard Auditorium. Ugh.

    This is an outrage. If you want to associate/endorse this crap, then go off campus and don’t even think about using funds raised from USG towards paying your speaker/renting a venue to support this. I have been to several of the Unruh Institute’s events, and I really enjoyed them. Therefore, Mr. Schnur’s comment surprises me. No, he didn’t directly endorse it, and yes, we should be open to a variety of speakers at USC, but this is really just poor, poor taste. Surely there aren’t more conservative figures out there that are controversial for their concrete, well-reasoned points of view about the ME and not necessarily for the xenophobic comments they make?

    To all of the sensible conservative Trojans out there, I know you’re there! Stand up and represent your party. Give Ms. Ekman a run for her money, and start your own Young Republicans club, as this is NOT how the face of the GOP should look at USC. The application of the label “conservative” should NOT be synonymous with racism and xenophobia, but inviting this speaker to campus convinces people otherwise.

    …As for the right to peacefully protest: Why not?

  5. William Buttrey
    William Buttrey says:

    I remember the controversy when Dr. Norman Finkelstein spoke on campus. He was also characterized as disseminating hate speech but was actually well-received by those in attendance. I saw Mr. Horowitz speak here at USC before on a panel with Yaron Brook discussiing the Mohammad cartoon controvery. He was often challenged on his assertions but was treated courteously throughout as I recall.

    Maybe student groups could work together on events to pair some of the more provacative speakers so that a semblance of balance and the opportunity for rebuttal might diffuse some of the outrage that scheduling such individuals often engenders.

  6. Ali
    Ali says:

    To reiterate one more time, the College Republicans only made the decision to limit who could attend based on past experiences Horowitz has faced when invited to and addressing college audiences.

    Unfortunately Horowitz has often been met by Muslims and leftists who have shouted him off stage, and NOT given him the opportunity to freely speak.

    Horowitz may not be right, or he may be perfectly right. His words may be hateful, or they may be spot on. In either case, he deserves the right and respect to share his words openly without being drowned out by a bunch of idiots who do NOT believe in an indiviual’s right to free speech. This is all the College Republicans have decided to do because they knew to do otherwise would play into the hands of the real hate-mongers.

  7. Disturbed by the real racists on campus
    Disturbed by the real racists on campus says:

    The ENTIRE LIST of SJP is restricted from the event. And only RSVP’d guests will be permitted inside. It is a privately funded event, and the CR’s are reserving their right to restrict entrance to potentially disruptive attendees who refuse to listen to what Horowitz has to say.

    To say that CR’s hate Muslims or any race is a sweeping accusation prompted by ignorance and hate.

    I pity those who look at this article and believe that the CR’s are inhibiting others right to free speech. In fact it is quite the opposite, and your comments that this should be shut down or the President of the club arrested is proof. They are not trying to stop protesting, they just do not want it to be done in a disruptive and disrespectful way to the speaker. And why would they let someone in to the event who they know is going to try to be disruptive?

    Has anyone looked into what Horowitz actually talks about? Or are you all taking these out of context quotes at face value as fact. Anyone who does read what he has to say will know that he is not a racist, however, he is against fanatical hate speech, which I believe we have seen plenty of from the Progressive Alliance’s posters. Thank you all for proving his point.

  8. David
    David says:

    unless the College Republicans are planning on paying USC for use of the space as well as electricity and other infrastructure costs, this event is far from “privately funded” thus, the CR claims about policing entry based on that fact are baseless.

  9. Mark
    Mark says:

    CR has the right to refuse entry to whoever they please because they are not using USC funds for the event, they do not have the right to deny entry to USC students on the basis of race, ethnicity, or religion. This is a violation of SCampus, and the onus to prove that they are not using racial, ethnic, and religious discrimination to deny access to the event to Arab and Muslim USC students needs to be proven by CR.

    Students with Anglo names that are members of the SJP Facebook group were not denied RSVP status. Muslim and Arab students that are not members of the SJP Facebook group were denied access. So what CR is claiming is not ever remotely accurate.

    College Republicans is claiming to be advocates of free speech for themselves while doing everything in their power to suppress the rights of free speech of others. Also, College Republicans wants a one-sided event with no debate, disagreement, discussion, or constructive criticisms.

    If College Republicans is confident in their position, they should not be afraid of people that disagree with them.

    The Omar Barghouti event on Monday evening about Palestine and Israel included the Israel Studies Chair of UCLA as a respondent so that the event was not entirely one sided and there would be academic debate and disagreement. I challenge College Republicans to try to match the same standard for themselves instead of being cowards who are too afraid to have their own viewpoints challenged publicly at their own event.

  10. John Anon
    John Anon says:

    The banned groups do not believe in free speech.

    Why should they be permitted to attend if their only intent is to suppress the free expression of ideas of the invited guest? We have seen plenty of demonstrations of the type of behavior we could expect, at other campuses.

    They are free to protest outside.

  11. Alan Dana
    Alan Dana says:

    The USC College Republicans have chosen to keep certian specific students from entering the event on the grounds that those students have openly said their only intention is to disrupt the speaker. The USC CRs are protecting Horowitz’s right to speak without disruption. Students who wish to protest may do so freely, outside of the event.

    That the anti-Horowitz groups are claiming racial profiling is ridiculous and a slander against the CRs.

    If these groups support freedom of speech they should allow Horowitz to speak, and maybe even try to listen to what he has to say.

    Alan Dana
    LA Regional Vice Chair – College GOP

  12. Heinrich
    Heinrich says:

    Jenny, call Horowitz’s dialogue what you want, but to me, any discourse that involves the demonization of a general sect of people is extremely dangerous, and I think it is negligible of a school with a large Muslim population to allow such dialogue in a campus venue. When speech endangers others, the issue of free speech becomes irrelevant. College Republicans have banned many on fear of David Horowitz’s safety, so why should Muslim students not have the right to register similar grievances regarding a man who comes to campus to stir up xenophobic sentiments? I hear what you’re saying, but I find your defense weak for ignoring these troubling sides of the issue.

  13. Miles
    Miles says:

    Talk about cherry picking your Muslim history, Ali. Yes, all those things did happen, but you completely ignore the positive achievements of Muslims. I’m not going to bother going into similar atrocities from Christian and Jewish history, because it’s neither of us is going to sway the other.

  14. Jenny
    Jenny says:

    College Republicans is conducting a private event. While it is being held on campus, it is perfectly legitimate for any group to enforce a guest list if their event is being privately funded as SJP could do if they so chose. Furthermore, Shams comments in the DT are slanderous becuase neither SJP nor Progressive Alliance has produced documented, specific evidence of Horowtiz being a racists. I assume that now we live in such an intolerant campus environment that anyone who is a Republican or Conservative and persumably disagress w/Obama, is a racist. Lincoln was a Republican. So was MLK. Learn the facts and history before you make unfounded and false statments that seek to infmlame the student body. Horowitz and his organziaiton, the Freedom Center, will likely take legal action against Shams, SJP, and Progressive Alliance. While there is a disguisting double standard on college campuses that makes it ok for other student organizations to slander College Republicans, the legal system is not plauged by a double standard. Those who actively spread false statments in writing and in publications are comitting the serious legal wrong of slander. And they can expect legal action to be taken against them. I encourage the student body to visit David Horowitz’s Freedom Center website ( to learn for themsevles what Horowitz and the Freedom Center stand for.

  15. Ali
    Ali says:


    I detect a fair bit of hate in your comment.

    I do not mean to be glib, just real. Your comment was what it was: opinionated and harshly judgemental. Would you say the same thing about Jerimiah Wright? Or is your knee-jerk opinion aimed soley at the right?

    I do not agree with much of what Ann coulter has to say and find some of it offensive. That said I do agree with some of what she has to say. The key for me is to TRY to be open minded. To “TRY” to be open minded is avery hard to do for al of us. To condemn without thinking is what we’re fighting against, and I include the Republicans who are doing the right thing by bringing a fresh and very different voice to the college debate. Bravo to them for doing so! For the rest of us let’s listen and think before trying, judging and convicting.

  16. Horror witz
    Horror witz says:

    @ Lindasy.. calm down, your ridiculous

    @ “Ali”: There are almost 2 bn muslims and 14 million Jews, if you look at things in relative terms and not abolute terms, Jews have historically caused WAAY more bloodshed then Muslims. From the times of Jesus, to Palestine now. The first testament its self is full of violent claims. Jews believe it is their god given right to take the land of Palestine, and they are doing so by use of force. Jews and Muslims where living side by side peacefully prior to the Israeli Palestinian issue. Take your biased research somewhere else.

    PS. I am NOT an anti-Semite, Jews have lost legitimacy in that claim, way too over used.

    and do not attack Alex Shams, do not sue anyone. Be civil about this, find some legit claims to attack SJP on and do not coward out and call the big brother, fight this peaceful debate, don’t run away and attack the debater.

  17. John Hupp
    John Hupp says:


    I would tend to agree with Miles. 1000 years ago, Christians were waging religious wars against Muslims. 500 years ago Christians were waging religious wars against each other. Christians still target women, gay people and Jews. Now we are so fortunate in First World countries that Christian extremists are only bombing abortion clinics (to entirely disregard Third World Christianity).

    Yet Republicans focus exclusively on human rights abuses by Muslims. Why? Republicans are Christians. Even the secular Ayn Rand folks rarely dare to confront Christianity simply because they couldn’t get away with it.

    It is entirely hypocritical for Republicans to attack Islam over human rights—their anti-Islamic rhetoric is based instead on Christian norms. This is not to say we cannot criticize Islamic societies; it’s just disingenuous to describe their abuses as inherently Muslim.  

  18. Steve Block
    Steve Block says:

    The Republicans young and old are just hate mongers no matter what side of the ledger. They had Ann Coulter last year who is hateful of the Jews so they play no favorites only bringing the worst of the worst to the campus of USC. Their idea of “Fight On” goes the furthest away from the sports area.

  19. Eric
    Eric says:

    Free speech remains a precious, and easily lost, right. USC should be proud that it can host such a wide variety of speakers from around the world in a civilzed, tolerant atmosphere.

    As the legendary journalist I.F. Stone noted, “even under the worst dictator, it is not forbidden to agree with him. It is the freedom to disagree that is freedom of speech.”

  20. Ed
    Ed says:

    As an alumnus and donor I’ve just made President Sample’s office aware that the use of U.S.C. facilities in a way that prohibits free discussion and speech, as a form of preemptive censorship, not only offends me but will cause me to take my donations to my postgraduate institution.

    This issue is not Jew vs. Muslim. I’m neither and frankly think the world would be better off is both groups would peacefully exist. However to ban individuals from a speech on a university campus because they theoretically may be disruptive is not something a high quality institution should allow. If College REpublicans wish to discriminate in this way they need to take their event off campus.

    • Brendan
      Brendan says:

      Thank you for making the relevant point. We can bicker all day about Horowitz, the point is, they’re letting him speak on the basis of “free speech” and then preventing those who disagree to attend. I understand they CAN do it because it’s a private event, but it’s just wrong and hypocritical.

  21. Gary
    Gary says:

    To All

    From what I have read, there has been a clear intent to disrupt this event. Lets not look beyond what it is, another group trying to disrupt anothers private event. This man clearly costs a lot to get here thus I understand Ekman’s decision to not allow those affiliated with the other group. That makes perfect sense especially after the slander that they sent out which i saw at VKC.

    Fight On!!

  22. Ali
    Ali says:


    Mohammed was a warrior. He preached the spread of Islam by whatever means necessary. Are you caliming this is not true?

    Then how do you explain the following? Are these all examples of a “small, minority sect” as you claim?

    Sudan: Muslims have killed 400,000 and created 2.5 million refugees.
    Somalia: Total anarchy thanks to Muslims.
    Thailand: Over 4,000 Buddhists killed in last four years by Muslims.
    India: Under constant threat from Muslims…Mumbai massacres targeted non-Muslims.
    Kashmir: A hot-zone between Pakistan and India. Muslims claim Kashmir belings to them despite Hindus presence there fro thousands of years.
    Pakistan: Thousands killed (sunnis by Shia and Shia by Sunnis).
    Afghanistan: Taliban have murdered tens of thousands with the emphasis on helpless women.
    Iraq/Iran War: One million Muslims killed by fellow Muslims, Shia v Sunni and vice-a-versa.
    Saudi Arabia: Shia are second class citizens. There is not one, single non-Muslim citizen of this country. Not one.
    Yemen: Several hundred Shias have been killed in the past year by Sunni.
    Englan: several hundred commuters were killed by Muslims.
    Spain: Several hundred commuters were killed by Muslims.
    New York City: Several thousand civilians killed by Muslims.
    Beslan Grammar School/Russia: Over one hundred school children killed by Muslims.
    Western China: Dozens killed by Muslims.
    Some of the most ancient Christian communities are under attack…
    Egypt: The ancient Coptic Christian communities are under siege
    Iraq: The anciet Chaldean Christian community is under siege
    Nigeria: Christians in the south are being killed by Muslims.
    Malaysi and Indonesia impose limits on Christian’s freedoms.
    Bali: Hundred killed by Muslims at a disco.

    Turket: Today Turkey is 99% Muslim, 1% other religions. 90 Years ago Muslims killed 1.5 million Armenian Christians in the “Armenian Genocide”.

    Tell me again how kind and tolerant Muslims are.

    Don’t get me wrong. I’m sure your friends are wonderful. But the facts ennumerated above are sticky facts, not some fantasy created in a right-winger’s mind. The Bali disco was bombed. One million Muslims were killed in the Iraq/Iran War. Sudan has become a killing field thanks to Islam. Are you denying these facts? Why is this so widespread if Islam is a tolerant, peaceful religion?

  23. Miles
    Miles says:

    And Chris & Ali, how can both of you make such sweeping generalizations of predominantly Muslim countries? Similarly, you make a romanticized generalization of Israel, completely ignoring its strong record of war crimes against civilians in recent years.

    The issue is not as black and white as you make it out to be. There are dangerous sects of Islam, just as there are dangerous sects of Judaism and virtually all other religions. 9/11 brought us close to one such sect, but in spite of the horrible things that happened on that day, there is no basis to vilify the inhabitants of Muslim nations, the majority of whom are opposed to violence and fundamentalist fascism. Did you miss the protests in Iran?

    I have several Muslim friends and they are among the kindest, most diplomatic and peace loving people I know. How dare you write off an entire ethnic population as adherent to religious barbarism.

  24. Miles
    Miles says:

    Yes, I understand that the event is private. The CR can enforce whatever they want, as much as we may disagree with it.

    The problem is that USC is allowing CR to use a campus venue when the enforced policy directly contradicts USC’s own written values regarding racial discrimination and tolerance. It’s a moral violation.

  25. Ali
    Ali says:

    You want hatred? You want freedom of speech? You want freedom of education? You want woman’s rights? Or, do you want a hate-filled supremacist religion instead?

    One of Islam’s core tenants is “us versus them”. Muslims ARE superior. Non-Muslims are Kafirs, inferior. Find me one Muslim dominated country where this is NOT so.

    Meanwhile, as Islam tightens its grip we get more and more of the following:

    Pakistan: Jihadists blow up high school for girls
    It is fairly common to see the tribal regions of Pakistan described as “lawless,” as this story does. But while the central government may not have meaningful authority in the area, it is not lawlessness, per se, that is the issue. Instead, it is the imposition by force of Sharia law.

    “Militants blow up Pakistan girls school: officials,” from Agence France-Presse, November 1:

    PESHAWAR, Pakistan — Islamist militants blew up a girls school in Pakistan’s lawless Khyber tribal district Sunday, destroying the building and wounding four people in neighbouring homes, officials said.
    Two explosions ripped through the 18-room government high school for girls at Kari Gar village and a boy who watched the premises is missing, possibly kidnapped by the militants, local administration officials said.
    “The militants have blown up the school with two blasts and all rooms were demolished,” said administration official Shafeer Ullah.
    “Four people in neighbouring houses were also wounded and their homes slightly damaged. We’re still trying to find out what happened to the office boy,” Ullah told AFP.
    Another of Khyber’s administrators, Farooq Khan, confirmed the incident.
    Islamist militants, who have carved out a strong presence in Pakistan’s semi-autonomous tribal belt on the Afghan border, have destroyed hundreds of schools, mostly for girls, in the northwest of the country in recent years.
    Nearly 200 schools were destroyed in the Swat valley alone during a two-year Taliban uprising to enforce sharia law in a district once favoured by Western tourists for its ski slopes and bracing mountain air….

  26. Chris
    Chris says:

    Lindsay is absolutely correct. Alex Shams, you cannot slander another individual is a student newspaper. There are legal consequences to your quote in DT and the flyers you have been distributing. Instead of attacking Horowitz, why don’t you go work for “justice in Palestine?” You won’t becuase your organization is not at it’s core pro-palestinian, it is at it’s core a virulent anti-Israel group which often employs anti-semitic methods. Why don’t we raise the issue of the speaker you brought? Omar Barghouti? He callied for the annihilation of Israel, which is the equivalent of the annihilaition of 6 million jews. Does that number sound familiar? Wake up USC community. Israel stands for peace, and human rights in the Middle East. I dare say if Shams visited Israel he would enjoy far more rights in Israel than in any other country in the Middle East. In all countires besides Israels, non-muslims, women, and homosexuals are denied many rights they enjoy Israel. In some countires, homosexuals are stoned to death for their sexual orientation as are women who to disobey the males in their families. Shams should take a trip to all the countries in the Mid East before he wastes his time calling a pro-Israel speaker a racist.

  27. Lindsay
    Lindsay says:

    The is a private events. As such CRs can chose to enforce their guest list any way they choose. They are not receiving one penny from the Univeristy. Furthermore, Horowitz IS NOT a racist or any other slanderous term these far left groups are calling. It’s interesting how they just say, Horowitz said blah blah but produce no documented quotes. These groups are setting themsevles up for a big, fat slander lawsuit. There are consequences to slandering other individuals. And College Republicans refuses to stand idly by while they are so disguistingly attacked as is their speaker. Before you make infmalatory and untruthful statements in a college newspaper, verify that what you are saying is 100% factual. Otherwise you set youself up for a big fat slander lawsuit. Sure, you think, “I am a student. I don’t have any money to pay?”. Well once you do start working, the court will garnish your wages for years. And that way you will be paying for years, for slandering a speaker and a student organization just becuase you disagree with their political views.

  28. Chris
    Chris says:

    Seriously, you fear for the safety of the audience and the speaker? I mean, I totally get the “not wanting disruptions on the speaker’s time,” since you paid for him and all, but don’t get melodramatic. No one is assassinating Horowitz, I would like to believe.
    I’m not familiar with the background of this, but I think the College Republicans have entirely overstepped here. Have a little faith in your fellow students to not assault a visiting speaker.

  29. Miles
    Miles says:

    This is absolutely ABSURD! How can USC permit this kind of racial discrimination on campus?! This has to be reported to the administration by as many people as possible. The USC College Republicans have gone too far with racial profiling this time, and it is irresponsible and shameful of the USC administration to allow them a venue for such segregated events on our campus.

  30. Horror witz
    Horror witz says:

    This man needs to be arrested tomorrow, along with this Ekman girl or whatever. These people are dangerous to society. They incite violence and racism.

  31. R K
    R K says:

    I am one of a number of Muslim students who is NOT in SJP or any of the above mentioned groups and has been denied to the event out of the concerns of a security threat.

    Eckman is lying through her teeth in this article, and I am proof of this.

    USC GOP is denying students like me with Muslim-sounding names entry, which is illegal under USC rules.

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