‘Inside Out 2’ is a worthwhile sequel

Pixar’s latest production introduces new emotions that might get stuck in your head.

New album ‘Model’ sees Wallows in full bloom

The indie pop band comes into their own with their third studio album.

‘IF’ is a heartwarming journey to nowhere

John Krasinski’s latest live-action animated film suffers under its own imagination.

‘Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes’ is sweet, epic

Apes battle as audiences grapple with history, supremacy and legacy in 20th Century Studios’ newest sci-fi offering.

A24’s ‘Civil War’ is an inferno of dystopian chaos

Writer-director Alex Garland peeks through the lens of journalism to send a grim message to the divided states of America.

‘La Traviata’ toasts its way to greatness

The iconic Verdi masterpiece recently opened at the Los Angeles Opera.

‘Monkey Man’ offers great action but poor writing

Dev Patel’s feature-length screenwriting and directorial debut disappoints, failing to tie loose ends.

Brazilian icon Caetano Veloso wows LA Music Center

The renowned bossa singer continued his U.S. farewell tour in excellent fashion.

‘COWBOY CARTER’ redefines genre

Beyoncé’s latest album tributes country music and other genres as an avenue to celebrate her accomplishments and those dear to her heart.

Faye Webster gives a mediocre glimpse into mid-20s life

The artist lost her creative touch with this album.

‘Dune: Part Two’ kicks up a storm

Finally, a book adaptation is better than the book itself.