In Theaters Today

The Lovely Bones:

Peter Jackson helms his first project since 2005’s King Kong with this adaptation of Alice Sebold’s best-selling novel. Saoirse Ronan, fresh off her Oscar-nominated performance in Atonement, plays a murdered girl who attempts to communicate with her family from beyond the grave.

The Spy Next Door:

Borrowing its thematic elements from Vin Diesel’s 2005 Disney film The Pacifier, Chan sets aside martial arts and expands his appeal to the profitable potty-training age demographic. Playing a CIA agent who has to baby-sit his girlfriend’s three kids, Chan’s life gets hectic when one of them downloads top secret government information.

The Last Station:

The depth of acting talent alone is reason enough to see this biopic about Russian author Leo Tolstoy. Major talents Helen Mirren, Paul Giamatti, Christopher Plummer and James McAvoy unite to form, arguably, a filmmaker’s dream team cast. Tolstoy struggles with fame and wealth while attempting to live a life devoid of material goods.

The Book of Eli:

This post-apocalyptic thriller features Denzel Washington as the protector of a book that may hold the secrets to society’s redemption. Gary Oldman plays the man who will stop at nothing to pry said book away from Washington’s hands. Look out for some gritty cinematography and a Nine Inch Nail producer-assisted soundtrack.