New releases – DVDs in review

No Impact Man Rating: not rated Length: 93 min. Now available Can anyone live without imported groceries? Without a car? Even without electricity? That’s what Colin Beavan decided to find out. In the fall of 2006, Beavan, his wife and his baby daughter began a year-long experiment to live off the grid in New York […]

Going raw: uncooked foods can add to any healthy diet

“Guess what’s in it,” I told my dad as he licked the spoon and pondered my new batch of lime pudding. “There are only three ingredients.” The lime flavor was obvious, and I had already told him about my addition of the natural sweetener Stevia. “What could the third be?” he wondered. “Milk?” “Nope. Avocado.” […]

Power shift goes unnoticed in rivalry

It sounds like a mad lib. The upstart (adjective) USC men’s basketball team (typically inferior proper noun) walloped the miserable (depressing adjective) UCLA men’s basketball team (proper noun synonymous with Goliath) Saturday at Pauley Pavilion (above noun’s preferred location) by 21 (ridiculously large number) points. Except this isn’t a mad lib. This is real. Yet, […]