Natural History Museum hosts electro-hiptser party

Want a high-voltage start to your weekend?

The Natural History Museum, located right off of Exposition and Wyatt Way, will feature energy as the theme for its monthly First Friday. Like all First Fridays, the evening serves up fascinating tours and discussions, as well as entertaining performances and concerts. Kick things off with a tour that centers on energy and how it revolutionized early Los Angeles. Talk turns to the future with CalTech professor Dr. Nathan S. Lewis, who will discuss the commitment required to develop sustainable energy. Prius drivers, your smugness ends here. Finally, the evening tops off with charged performances by Warpaint, Yeasayer, Them Jeans, and Ana Calderon. All musical tastes are welcome, with a topsy-turvery mix of rock, folk, punk, and psychedelic.

First Fridays are part of the museum’s drive to renovate and attract a wider range of audiences. No longer just a place for science fiends and history buffs, the Natural History Museum seeks to make everyone, including kids and college students, interested in the natural world. The museum also wishes to draw more on its local science stars, including USC professors, one of which will be moderating this Friday’s discussion.

First Friday begins at 5:30 p.m. and goes until 10:30 p.m. Just remember to bring your student ID — it will get you in for free.