Galen Center gets marquee

The Galen Center is pretty darn big as is.

Yet, it has always been missing something that could make it even more visible – a gigantic marquee.

Finally, after nearly three and a half years of operation, the home of USC volleyball and basketball will finally get a marquee to match its gigantic stature.

Construction on an 18-by-32 foot programmable LED signpost is already underway, as the scaffolding by the 110 freeway might give you a hint.

The marquee was part of the original building plans for the Galen Center, but the additional 2.3 million dollars that the sign cost was not available until now. The money was raised over a few years by the athletic department.

The sign will be used to display results, schedules, congratulatory messages and other messages one might expect a marquee to feature.

The sign will be named Tilley Tower after longtime USC donor Bill Tilley. Tilley is most well known among USC donors as having endowed the Traveler Mascot Program that helps ensure the upkeep of the school’s official mascot.

Tilley received both his undergraduate and graduate degree from USC, graduating magna cum laude in 1963 from Marshall School of Business with an MBA.