Local band closes the door on five-year history

“It feels completely insane to write that after 5 years of blood, sweat, tears, and some of the best times of our lives… the Castledoor chapter as we know it is coming to a close.”

And so lead vocalist and lyricist Nate Cole broke the news of beloved area band Castledoor’s dissolution over the group’s blog.

The update, which was posted late Sunday night to both the band’s Blogspot and MySpace, was titled “the best is yet to come” and described the frontman’s inability to believe that Castledoor as we know it was calling it quits.

“I always thought we would be the band that would survive anything,” Cole wrote in the post. “Most of us were actually feeling optimistic about things lately.”

The six-piece outfit consists of two husband-and-wife pairs — the drummer Joel and bassist Brando are, of course, unmarried.

Somewhat expectedly, the split occurred along matrimonial divisions. According to Cole’s statement, it was his longest-standing bandmate, guitarist and keyboardist Gabe Combs, who announced that he was ready to move on from Castledoor, and Combs’ vocalist wife was not mentioned in the list of band members who “plan to continue making music together.”

“We recently finished recording some of our most exciting songs with plans for a photo shoot, video shoot and press,” Cole related to the band’s followers.

The four remaining bandmates will be presumably pressing on with those plans which are already in motion, though perhaps under a new name.

Last night’s performance at Spaceland as an opening act for Princeton is the last event previewed as an upcoming show on the band’s MySpace.

Although it’s unclear where the beloved indie rockers are going from here, the incarnation of Castledoor with which Los Angeles music lovers are familiar will be certainly and sorely missed in the city’s soundscape.