African-American history exhibit’s run extended into May

As part of a national tour, Tavis Smiley’s “America I AM: The African American Imprint” exhibit came to the California Science Center in Los Angeles and has since garnered well-deserved attention for its intriguing display of African-American history and influence throughout United States history. Recently, the exhibit extended its run through May 2, granting Angelenos who haven’t yet experienced the exhibition another opportunity to see it before it moves on to other major cities.

The exhibition includes  an extensive 13,000 square foot exhibit that is separated into a dozen galleries and features an array of historical artifacts. The exhibit is unique because it doesn’t simply recite history but instead takes a close look at the way African-Americans have helped to shape spirituality, economics and culture in American society for more than 500 years and also analyzes the implications the past have on the present.

The exhibition is something that everyone — regardless of ethnicity — should take a moment to visit. Because the United States, despite its diversity, is founded on the shared history of its citizens, it’s important that the contributions and achievements of all groups are remembered. The “America I AM exhibit” is an educational and interesting display that highlights and celebrates the achievements of African Americans throughout history to the present.