Student launches USC Apple application

Students can now track Campus Cruiser, view USC maps and have access to a multitude of other university related information — all on one convenient application.

Access - Users can utilize these features without Internet access. Photo courtesy of Mithun Baphana

i-USC, created by graduate student Mithun Baphana, was launched Aug. 11.

Baphana is studying electrical engineering at the Viterbi School of Engineering and independently created this application over the summer.

Baphana, who also graduated from USC this summer, began work on this application at the start of the summer semester. He created the application because he wanted to provide USC with something useful and long-lasting before the conclusion of his time at school.

“I wanted to give something back to my fellow Trojans,” Baphana said.

This application is designed to provide USC students and community members with pertinent information that they can view with just the click of a button.

Current features include the ability to view the USC Arts and Events calendar, read USC News and the Daily Trojan, view USC maps, track trams and Campus Cruiser and use the faculty and student directories.

Within the next couple of weeks, Baphana will be adding access to the USC Credit Union, Blackboard and discounts for USC students in the local community.

The application can be downloaded for free on Apple products such as the iPhone or iTouch.

Baphana is also working on expanding this application to Blackberry and Android users.

“It will be helpful for students, alumni and the USC community,” Baphana said.

The graduate student released the application through the Mobile Entertainment Software Corporation, a mobile application development company he founded in February 2009. He is currently developing other applications through this corporation.

After originally designing i-USC, Baphana had to send it to Apple for approval before it was offered in the Apple store for customers. Currently, the application is still in its beta stage, where it will remain until he adds the finishing touches.

Presently, there are only two other USC-related applications in Apple’s App Store: a USC Athletics application, which costs $4.99, and a free iTommyCam application for weather information and watching Tommy Trojan.

Students who own iPhones are already expressing interest in the application.

Blake Byfuglin, a sophomore majoring in biochemistry, said she already uses her iPhone to access USC information but has to go online to do so.

“The fact that I could just look at an application on my phone and not have to use Safari makes it so much more convenient,” Byfuglin said.

Though she said she is excited about the potential of the new application, she would like to see the main menu have a button for athletic schedules.

“I want to go to all the games but I just don’t always know when or where they are,” she said.

Alison Root, a sophomore majoring in cinematic arts (critical studies), said she is most excited about being able to track USC transportation.

“I would definitely use it for tracking Campus Cruiser,” she said.

Root also suggested that a button be added for viewing the current traffic situation on and around USC.

Baphana plans on continuing to work on the application in the coming months, adding new features and taking feedback from students and faculty members.

“I will change a few things to make it more user-friendly,” he said.

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  1. Sergio TMan
    Sergio TMan says:

    This app is awesome.. It’s like having USC, at my fingertips. Being an alumnus, this app keeps me “in the loop”. Thanks!!!!!!!

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