Assembly bill bans pay raises for city officials

California lawmakers approved a bill Wednesday to ban the automatic pay raises that led to the grossly inflated salaries of Bell City officials.

Pay raises of city officials must now not exceed the cost of living index built into their contracts, according to Assembly Bill 900.

AB 900 will also offer $2.9 million tax refunds to Bell City residents who were overcharged to pay the salaries of officials such as the city manager, who received $800,000 last year.

The bill was written by Assemblyman Kevin De Leon (D- Los Angeles).

Residents of Bell City said they are happy with the outcome of the investigation and legislative action taken after the salary scandal.

“Unfortunately, our city has been labeled as one of the most corrupt cities and poorest,” said 45-year-old Hilda Villalpando to the Los Angeles Times. “But I want my city to be known as the city that led to reformation of the government.”