Professors’ rating determines salary

Most universities pay their professors a set salary each year based on a signed contract; in an effort to save money and improve the quality of education, however, the Texas A&M University System has decided to pay its professors based on performance.

“The plan has not been warmly received by faculty,” the Huffington Post reported. “A&M’s chapter head of the American Association of University Professors, Peter Hugill, called the prospect a ‘silly measure.’”

The plan will affect professors at 11 of the universities in the Texas A&M System; professors will be evaluated based on their salary, funding received based on external research and earned money from teaching.

“Any analysis that can enhance the education of students and make the best use of taxpayer money is a good thing for the university,” Adam Myers, a senior lecturer in the Mays Business School, told the Bryan-College Station Eagles. “But merely looking at the raw numbers without some analysis of the information that gives one knowledge of why the numbers are the way they are would be insufficient.”