USC philanthropy center appoints new advisers

The USC Center on Philanthropy and Public Policy chose a new chairman and added three new members to its board of advisers, a move that is designed to increase the center’s charitable power and sustainability.  

The center, whose mission statement says it aims to be a “catalyst for understanding and action at the intersection of the public, private and nonprofit sectors,” proposes new members via its nominating committee, which recommends a list of candidates to the dean. The dean then appoints new members.

The new additions this year include Margo Leonetti O’Connell, president and trustee of the Leonetti O’Connell Family Foundation; Lisa Fredricks Parker, president and executive director of the Lawrence Welk Family Foundation; and Trent Stamp, executive director of The Eisner Foundation.

The board’s new chair, Fred J. Ali, serves as the president and chief executive officer of the Weingart Foundation, one of Southern California’s oldest and most well-known nonprofits for the underrepresented and homeless.

New board members serve a renewable three-year term and provide connections to philanthropic and non-profit organizations, help to shape and inform the board’s intellectual agenda, and work to grow the center’s reach and impact.  

The center holds several forums and roundtables, convening key decision makers from the non-profit and community sectors to explore emerging issues, discuss research findings and consider strategies for action. Additionally, they hold several speaker series and seminars to examine contemporary issues facing the three sectors of focus.

Clarification: 10/2/10: New board chair Fred Ali is still the president and chief executive officer of the Weingart Foundation; a previous version of the story misidentified Mr. Ali as the former president and chief executive officer. This entry has been updated to reflect the change.