Unruh Institute publishes voter’s information guide

With three weeks until Election Day, the Jesse M. Unruh Institute of Politics has released a voter’s guide covering the nine propositions California voters will decide on Nov. 2.

The guide contains information from the California Secretary of State Online Voter Information Guide about each proposition, explaining the results of either a “yes” or “no” vote for each prop, as well as pros and cons for voting either way.

The guide also includes the positions of both the USC College Republicans and USC College Democrats on each proposition.

Two of the propositions in particular — Prop 19, which would legalize limited amounts of marijuana for those over the age of 21, and Prop 23, which would suspend state regulations addressing global warming until the California unemployment rate drops — have garnered significant attention from politicians and voters within the state.

The guide isn’t all about the props, however. It also includes information about polling places near campus, a sample ballot and an explanation of how to register to vote through the USC chapter of the California Public Interest Research Group, which will hold a week-long voter registration drive this week.

Copies of the guide are available in the Unruh Institute, located in room 263 of the Von KleinSmid Center.