Halloween still has some sweet surprises

As Halloween rustles closer, listen for another kind of crackling: candy wrappers. Each year, Americans spend more on candy than they do on decorations and costumes. Some seasonal favorites include candy corn, Peeps and anything labeled “Party” or “Fun Size.” Every year, however, promises a few shakeups.

Fresh on the horizon are Peeps. For years we’ve had those Easter marshmallow fluff balls popping up as pumpkins and ghosts – reenacting Christianity’s takeover of Paganism – but this year, they come coated in chocolate.

For those still playing catch-up on the candy front, M&M’s now come in a salty-sweet pretzel variety, not to mention swanky fall colors.

If you want some luxury with your sugar coma, Godiva has just rolled out its line of Halloween exclusives: chocolate bat, skulls, and pumpkin lollipops; pumpkin-spice ganache and caramel apple truffles, and candy-coated milk chocolate pearls.

Lastly, if you still want to fit into your corset on the 31st, My Mixed Nuts has a special on “Goblin Gorp” – 30 1-ounce bags of dry roasted salted almonds, raw pumpkin seeds, dried mango and raisins, and all-natural M&M’s.

So revel in the Halloween festivities and add a few new treats to the brew. Just don’t forget your toothbrush.