Oregon student calls for “Green Out”

Over the last couple weeks, the movement to “Red Out” the Coliseum has gained steam, as Trojan fans try to rally support for Homecoming weekend by encouraging attendees of Saturday’s Oregon game to wear cardinal shirts.

But with ESPN’s College GameDay program in town on Saturday, Ducks fans will not back down quietly. A rival grassroots movement to “Green Out” GameDay and the Coliseum has sprouted in order to “show [USC] that [Oregon] has the best fans in the nation,” according to the creator of the movement Alex Horwitch, an Oregon student and president of the “Pit Crew,” the Oregon student section.

“I bet that the Oregon Duck football fans can have the best showing of any away team during the taping of College GameDay in the history of the show!” Horwitch wrote to The Oregonian.

The primary goal of the “Green Out” is to bring the “Autzen advantage” down to the Coliseum. Autzen Stadium in Oregon is known for being one of the toughest places to play and had an electric atmosphere last year for Oregon’s Halloween 47-20 romp against the Trojans.

The “Green Out” plan adds yet another facet to an emerging rivalry between the two Pac-10 schools. Sophomore quarterback Matt Barkley already made headlines after he tweeted comparing Oregon to fallen UFC champion Brock Lesnar, and the Trojans to the underdog victor Cain Velasquez.

Junior defensive tackle Jurrell Casey, perhaps the Trojans’ best defensive player, called the Ducks “really not that good,” apart from their quarterback and tailback.

All of these factors will be sure to contribute to a chaotic, energetic, red-clad Coliseum crowd on Saturday night.

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  1. TrojanFan
    TrojanFan says:

    Why don’t you go check the US news & world report of university rankings before you tell us to get educated :)

    thanks sweety pie

  2. bill
    bill says:

    Alex you used to be a Trojan and your grandfather was on a national championship Trojan team…what happened to you?

  3. moot
    moot says:

    ducks are gonna kill it, and horwitch is a genius. i can not wait to see the headlines after oregon crushes USC.

  4. DustyGoDucks
    DustyGoDucks says:

    Alex Horwitch is a spirited genius.
    Casey clearly hasn’t watched any Ducks game this year, or last year, for that matter.
    Barkley has it mixed up because USC used to be the best and now we’ve taken their crown.
    Go suck a nut and get educated you damn crybabies.

  5. Josh
    Josh says:

    “really not that good” apart from their quarterback and tailback. who together are better than all of USC combined. and the rest of the team is way better than USC too. so, apparently he hasn’t been watching UofO destroy everyone they’ve played so far.

    P.S. Alex Horwitch is a badass.

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