Matt Damon says to wait five years for next Bourne movie

Moviegoers last left Jason Bourne swimming away in the East River after being shot at by nemesis Noah Vosen, head of Operation Blackbriar. Whether the reason is to look at the heartthrob Matt Damon for two straight hours or delve into a new possible tangent of the story, such as Bourne and Nicky Parson’s past relationship, much of the public is still unsatisfied with the end of the Bourne trilogy.

Never missing out on an opportunity to please the average movie goer and the pocketbook, Hollywood has responded by being in talks for the next movie in the franchise over the past year.

Three obstacles have unfortunately made it impossible for a complete reunion of all the past talents. First, The Bourne Legacy, the book the next movie would be based on is not written by the original author Robert Ludlum who died in 2001, but by thriller and fantasy writer Eric Van Lustbader. But no big deal, there are several great movies that don’t stay true to the book.

Matt Damon as Jason Bourne | Wikimedia

Here comes obstacle number two. The director of the previous Bourne movies, Paul Greengrass, has been replaced by Michael Clayton director. And the cherry on top seems to be The Bourne Legacy is so far sans Damon.

Even though the movie is to be released in theaters August 3, 2012, it has yet to be put into production.

Although over the past months tension has been pretty taut between team Sony and Gilroy versus team Damon and Greengrass, the Critics Choice Awards this past Friday night gave light to a new and hopeful possibility.

According to The Hollywood Reporter Damon said, “I really hope it’s going to happen.” But there are apparently a few conditions.

“It’s really up to Paul Greengrass, the director. I’ve always said I won’t do it without him and I think it would be a bad idea to do it without Paul.”

But the question remains whether Greengrass can be coaxed into directing another Bourne movie.

“I think Paul’s probably going to do one or two other films that he’s got kind of cooking but after that [maybe they would start working on a Bourne film],” he revealed. “I think it’s kind of the thing where enough time has passed that I think it won’t matter if we wait five more years to do it.”

Patience will apparently be the virtue Bourne fans will have to develop.