Introducing yOya

Known for their well-made videosong mashup creations on Youtube, USC alum Alex Pfender and high school friend Noah Dietterich have made quite a name for themselves on the web as the folktronic duo yOya.

Recently, they’ve come out with their own a album “Nothing to Die.” The duo eclectically combined the classic folk sound with the contemporary electronic sound to create adistinct and original sound (think MGMT mixed with Bon Iver).

Juggling acoustic guitars, drum sequencers, shakers, synths, keyboards, common household items and whatever they can get their hands on, the two create catchy tunes matched with witty lyrics.

Using modern technology, what once was necessary for a full band is now easily tackled by just two people. Their brilliantly arranged upbeat yet heavy hits make great songs to bob your head to in your car while their slower ballads have the ability to draw out raw emotion.

Since the release of their album last year, they’ve shared a stage with bands such as The 88, Moving Picture Show and Avi Buffalo. Still a very young project, they’re definitely on the right path to success.

My Top Picks: “Fireworks,” “Lovers On” and “New Years Morning.”

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  1. Alex
    Alex says:

    yOya have performed many times for KXSC here on campus. They are excellent live and I always live to hear about them knowing that I’ve met them and they are fantastic people.

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