Mayo faults ‘energy drink’ for positive test

Speaking publicly for the first time since being suspended 10 games for violating the NBA’s anti-drug policy, former USC guard O.J. Mayo said he believes an “energy drink” purchased at a gas station led to his failed drug test, according to an Associated Press report published on

Mayo, who was suspended on Thursday after testing positive for dehydroepiandrosterone, claimed he was unaware that the drink contained DHEA, which is on the league’s list of banned substances and is considered to be a performance-enhancing drug.

The Memphis Grizzlies guard, however, told reporters on Saturday that he didn’t just order “some supplement off the Internet.”

His suspension began Friday night at Philadelphia and will continue until Feb. 15.

Previously, the third-year guard had been averaging 12.2 points per game and 2.6 rebounds through 45 games.