Black Cards hits the road with Travie McCoy

Pete Wentz’s new project, Black Cards, has gone from being kept pretty much on the down-low to what seems to be more than just a “project.” After Fall Out Boy went on hiatus in 2009, Wentz wasn’t sure what he wanted to do with his life, besides traveling.

In an interview with MTV this past July, he mentioned being inspired by some reggae songs during a trip to Jamaica with his family. “I’d never heard any of these songs but could imagine them having an everlasting imprint, like people would dance to this stuff forever. I could feel these songs really meant something. Not just in Jamaica but globally, crossing through culture and language,” he said.

This began the creation of Black Cards.

The only aspect of Black Cards that is similar to Fall Out Boy is Pete Wentz. Other than that, their music is completely different, with a dub and reggae vibe. Their female lead singer, Bebe Rexha from New York, also brings a nice change to the stage. Rexha’s voice adds a Gwen Stefani-esque power to the band, taking listeners back to the days of No Doubt.

This spring, Black Cards will be joining Decaydance label mate, Travie McCoy, on his Sgt. Schlepper’s Who Needs Hearts Club Band Tour, along with Donnis, XV and Bad Rabbits. Pre-sale for VIP bundles are officially over, but general admission tickets are now on sale.

Before you go out and buy your ticket, check out their songs “Club Called Heaven,” Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Fame” and their newest release “Dominoes” on their Myspace.