President Nikias to give address to USC students

President C. L. Max Nikias will speak to undergraduate and graduate students in an address today at 4 p.m. in Bovard Auditorium, marking USC’s first presidential address to students.

In past years, university presidents have given similar speeches, called the Annual Address to the Faculty, to the administration, faculty and staff about the state of the university and the president’s yearly goals.

This year, however, Undergraduate Student Government President Chris Cheng worked with Nikias to create an address aimed specifically toward students.

According to Carl Marziali, assistant vice president for USC Media Relations, the speech will be oriented toward community service.

President Nikias is expected to offer insight into the future direction of USC and address his hope for students to play an increasingly important role in helping the university connect with its surrounding community and city, he said.

Students said there are certain issues that they hope are at the forefront of the university’s vision.

Shannon Caudill, a freshman majoring in kinesiology, said environmental sustainability was a critical issue for the university.

“An important topic right now is how USC should be putting more effort into going green and improving our sustainability,” Caudill said.

Karen Romero, a freshman majoring in business administration major, said she expects the president to address safety in his address.

“President Nikias recently sent out an e-mail to students about safety on and off campus,” she said. “So, his speech could be addressing that.”

President Nikias will address students at 4 p.m. in Bovard Auditorium.