Introducing Keaton Simons

Making his way through movies, television shows and even a performance for the United Nations, Los Angeles native Keaton Simons has slowly made his name in the local music scene.

The singer, songwriter and instrumentalist, garnered lots of radio airplay as well as television and movie placements since his first EP, which in turn led him to a record contract with CBS records.

Majoring in “Ethnomusicology” in college, Simons’ 2009 debut album “Can You Hear Me” showcases his distinct style. Although his music is categorized as blues, pop and rock, he combines the genres of rock, blues, jazz and bluegrass.

He often performs in local venues like the renowned Hotel Café and The Troubadour. His live shows are definitely a treat as his presence on stage captivates each member of the audience, from his unique dressing style to his upbeat sound.

My Top Picks: “Nobody Knows,” “Grim Reaper,” “Without Your Skin” and “Good Things Get Better.”