Sasquatch vs. Coachella

With Sasquatch celebrating its tenth anniversary, you would think that the organizers would bust out the big names, but Coachella most definitely wins in that department.

Coachella’s 2011 lineup is being headlined by Kings of Leon, Arcade Fire, and the legend in the making, Mr. Kanye West himself.  

This proved to be a difficult follow-up after last year’s lineup which featured Jay-Z, Muse and Gorillaz, but Coachella has outdone itself yet again.

Then again, maybe your preference comes down to a matter of taste.  Coachella has somewhat more mainstream artists now that the festival has increased in popularity, while Sasquatch features more underground, low-key and indie bands.

Granted, there is plenty of overlap since both festivals attract laid back, musically well-rounded crowds.  Cold War Kids, Flogging Molly, Robyn, Skrillex, Bright Eyes, Jenny and Johnny, Best Coast, Chromeo, CSS, Ratatat and the unpronounceable !!! will appear both in Indio Valley and George, Washington.

Maybe Sasquatch is more appealing since it’s off the radar. Not as many people know about it so it doesn’t attract as many conformists who are only showing up because they recognize a few big names.  Not that Coachella doesn’t feature any underground bands, but in the eyes of some the choice is clear.

“Sasquatch is what Coachella was five years ago,” said Christina Ellis, a freshman majoring in.  This means Coachella now has to appeal to the masses, while Sasquatch can take more creative liberties.

While Sasquatch contains many small bands on the rise, wouldn’t you rather see them in more of an intimate setting versus a chaotic, drug-induced environment?  Wouldn’t you rather see Iron and Wine or The Antlers in a small café and actually remember the music?  With small mellow bands, the setting makes the difference and it allows for one to have a direct experience with the artists, which to most music seems the clear choice.

Both festivals are valuable in either right, but there’s no denying that Coachella has a more diverse and intriguing line-up and an environment meant for chaotic fun, making it slightly more worthwhile.

It’s such a pity that tickets are already sold out.

To view the complete Sasquatch lineup click here. For the Coachella lineup click here.