The All-American Rejects to record new music and raise funds for Haiti

Aside from touring last summer on the Vans Warped Tour, The All-American Rejects has been deeply occupied with writing new music. Now the band is ready to submerge itself into the studio to record new tracks in hopes of having its fourth record out sometime this year.

The closest things to new tracks the band has released are various remixes of their songs “Gives You Hell,” “The Wind Blows” and “I Wanna,” back in 2009. Hopefully a new single will be released in the next few months to give fans a taste of what they will be working on in the studio.

As they begin their journey in the studio, they will also continue with their latest philanthropic work. Tyson Ritter and his band mates have been dedicated to his new charity Don’t Hate On Haiti.

According to their website, the band has donated about $25,000 to a non-profit organization called Charity Water. Charity Water’s mission is to provide clean water to people all around the world. For every $5,000 the band raises, a clean water well is built in Haiti.

In an attempt to generate even more money, the band is trying to get itsfans involved by holding a contest. By April 1, the person who raises the most money will score a Don’t Hate On Haiti shirt, a signed guitar by the band and a one-on-one Skype date with the band in the studio to talk about the charity and their new music.

Sounds like a sweet deal for both the fan and the people who will receive the necessary gift of clean water.

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