Forever The Sickest Kids unleash new album

Forever the Sickest Kids’ second full-length album is officially available in stores everywhere and on iTunes.

The Texas natives first hit the scene with an EP titled Television Off, Party On, in 2007 and later released their first full-length album, Under Dog Alma Mater, in April of 2008.

After the success of Under Dog and several tours in the states and the United Kingdom, the band’s next step was to write more music. At first, it was a little unclear what the band had in store. The band announced their plan to release a collection of three mini-LPs. The first, The Weekend: Friday, was released in November of 2009, but the other two, The Weekend: Saturday and The Weekend: Sunday, fell to the wayside.

Instead of following the LP route, FTSK’s frontman, Jonathan Cook, announced on his tumblr that they would instead release a full-length album. The reason? According to FTSK’s official tumblr, they found themselves wanting to record more than a few songs.

The sound of their self-titled album is very similar to Under Dog.. With new songs named “Keep On Bringing Me Down,” “Bipolar Baby!” and “What Happened to Emotion (Killing Me),” listeners would expect mellow and morbid tracks but FTSK has continued to turn bad situations into a upbeat tunes though.

Even after the loss of their keyboardist Kent Garrison this past January, nothing seems to be bringing them down. In one day, their new album became one of the top ten albums on iTunes. The band are currently touring with pop punk veterans, Good Charlotte.