Taking Back Sunday announces tour instead of album

After spending the latter half of 2010 recording new material in Los Angeles, alternative rock band Taking Back Sunday excited fans with the prospect of a new album featuring their original line-up.

In April, the band was reduced from a five-piece to a three-piece outfit until they made the announcement that the two original members, John Nolan (guitar/vocals) and Shaun Cooper (bass) would be rejoining the band.

Fans immediately became excited because it implied that the band would be returning to its older sound from their debut release in 2000, Tell All Your Friends, especially after 2009’s New Again proved to be a disappointment.

Constantly updating fans about their studio happenings, the band announced that some possible song titles include “Sad Saviour,” “You Were Right,” “Don’t Lose Faith in Me,” “The Best Places to be a Mom” and “Money.” Additionally, Adam Lazzara (lead vocals) teased fans by saying that a song called “El Paso” was the heaviest rock track the band has ever written.

Instead of announcing news regarding the album, the band has instead announced a small string of shows on the East Coast and a tour of the United Kingdom throughout April and May. While it may not be what the rabid fans have been yearning to know, it still is a promising announcement because it signals the end of the recording cycle and the beginning of promotion for the release.

Until any official word comes out, all fans can do is wait and try to predict when they will be able to get their hands on the new material.