Lady Gaga brings YouTube star to the stage

On March 3, Lady Gaga performed “Born This Way” at her concert in Toronto with the 10-year-old YouTube sensation, Maria Aragon. The avant-garde performer brought the young star on the rise out on stage to sit on her lap and sing an emotional duet of the smash-hit single.

Aragon reached this high-status gig through uploading her video featuring her soulful voice and lovely piano accompaniment in a rendition of “Born This Way” on YouTube on February 16. She has already received close to 20 million views.

This is only the first among many videos.  The young starlet also did covers of Beyoncé’s “Listen” and Bruno Mars’s “Just the Way You Are.”

Gaga stated emotional and teary-eyed at the concert, “knowing that I touched one person means the world.” If Aragon has the power to make Lady Gaga cry, then clearly she is a force to be reckoned with. She proves talent comes in many shapes and sizes and that YouTube serves a bigger purpose than to provide a multitude of funny cat videos.