Good Charlotte ‘Dares’ fans to watch new music video

Maryland pop-punk band Good Charlotte’s new single is taking fans in a time capsule back to the 90s. The song, which is entitled “Last Night,” is a catchy offering that sees singer Joel Madden trying to understand the wild events that occurred during the previous evening.

Consequently, when Good Charlotte announced that this track would be the next single from their November 2010 album Cardiology, fans expected a music video depicting a person flashing back to the debauchery he must have taken part in before he went to sleep.

In a sense, the video does depict debauchery, but the twist is that the blurry memories from the night before actually have to do with the Nickelodeon game show Family Double Dare.

There is no alcohol, no promiscuous dancing and no hangovers. Instead, viewers find two families (one of which consists of the members of the band) with cheesy team names competing on the game show hosted by the actual host Marc Summers. There are pies, slime, balloon pants, hot dogs, slides, the big nose that competitors have to reach up to find their flags and the characteristically ridiculous haircuts signature of the ’90s era.

The popular show ran on Nickelodeon from 1990 until 1993, with repeats running on the network throughout the rest of the decade. The video, then, is full of nostalgia and signifies the second consecutive time that Good Charlotte has wavered off the path of traditional music videos.

Their previous single’s video (for the song “Sex on the Radio”) featured the band members walking around the streets of Los Angeles with headphones asking people what they thought of the song.

Good Charlotte is currently on tour in support of the new release and will be coming to Hollywood, Califor. on March 26 and Anaheim, Calif. on March 27.