USC teams with Foursquare to improve senior experience

USC has launched a Senior Discovery program with Foursquare to encourage graduating seniors to explore the University Park Campus and Health Sciences Campus before the end of the semester.

The initiative works by offering prizes to seniors who check in at various places on campus.

The partnership with Foursquare started last year and has since evolved, according to the Office of the Provost.

Multiple offices, including USC Transportation, USC Athletics, the USC Pertusati Bookstore, USC Libraries and the USC Alumni Association, are working in collaboration with one another to help students familiarize themselves with campus locations.

Ariel Carpenter, director of public relations, said the university wanted to maximize Foursquare’s function as well as create something memorable for seniors.

“We were brainstorming some stuff coming up that Foursquare might be good for in terms of utilizing its geo-location technology,” Carpenter said. “So we thought it would be cool to create a bucket list of some sort for seniors to see their favorite venues across campus and also allow them to check in places that they can visit and win prizes and specials along the way.”

Upon checking in, seniors will discover treasures such as free parking during exam week, travel mugs, USC T-shirts and more.

Along with prizes, there will also be special badges awarded to people who check in multiple times at the same location or check in at a myriad of locations.

Seniors can earn a “campus explorer” badge if they check in at every corner of the campus. The  “bookworm bender” badge is awarded to seniors for multiple check-ins at libraries and “quad squatter,” is given for 10 check-ins at McCarthy quad.

Some students are hesitant about trying the program.

“I am generally not a big fan of the whole checking in thing, but I would do it for the perks like free sporting events tickets,” said Lindsey Vorndran, a senior majoring in creative writing.

Victoria Eliot, a senior majoring in communication, shared Vorndran’s sentiments.

“For personal reasons, I don’t like using Foursquare because I don’t like people knowing where I am at all times,” Eliot said. “But free parking during exams would be nice.”

Other students, however, are glad “Senior Discovery” is encouraging graduating seniors to explore campus.

“I would use this program, said Ashlee Humphrey, a  senior majoring in mechanical engineering. “I think it is great that they are trying to give seniors the opportunity to remember USC and take a last look at the campus so in future years if we come back, we can compare the changes that have transpired. According to Carpenter, the campaign, which launched April 5, has been successful so far.

“A lot of people have been actively checking in, participating, and looking at specials,” Carpenter said.

The program will remain active until commencement.