Entourage finale shows new sides of old characters

Entourage’s series finale was at once surprising and predictable. The HBO series followed four friends —Vince, Eric, Johnny and Turtle — along with Vince’s big shot Hollywood agent, Ari Gold.

Vince’s character has long been marked by his sweet yet playboy-like persona, while Ari was known as Vince’s perverse but likeable agent. The finale warps the two men into characters nearly unrecognizable to fans.

Vince decides to marry Sophia, a British journalist who originally rejected him because she refused to date actors, after just one date. Ari’s vulnerable, sentimental side is brutally exposed for the first time as he is forced to choose between his career and his marriage. Vince’s abrupt decision to get married and Ari’s decision to quit his job to save his marriage are highly uncharacteristic of each man.

Vince’s best friend and manager, Eric Murphy, was also a focus of the finale. Many episodes leading up to the finale had Eric struggling to win back his now-pregnant ex-girlfriend, Sloan. Eric does not talk to Sloan the entire episode, and viewers are supposed to believe that Vince, Johnny and Turtle convinced her to take him back.

As usual, Johnny and Turtle took a back seat to their buddies. Their less-than-significant roles seemed to be the only thing in the finale typical of an Entourage episode.

Just when you think the episode is over and the credits role, Ari and Mrs. Ari are shown in Florence, Italy. Ari gets a phone call from a studio head who offers Ari his job as CEO and Chairman of a major Hollywood studio. The series ends with viewers wondering whether Ari will take the job, or live in Florence for a year like he promised his wife.

The idea that love will always prevail was definitely the theme of the Entourage series finale. Although dedicated followers were probably hoping for a happy ending, the improbable decisions of the show’s favorite characters might not have been the most favorable way to end the series.

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  1. Trixie Jenner
    Trixie Jenner says:

    Very insightful review. Your absolutely right. The final episode was a joke that made a mockery of all the past seasons. Vince would never get married after one successful date even if the woman was unique and challenged him in ways other women hadn’t before. I am sad the show has come to a screeching halt. It would have been great to see where “the boys” could have gone. The show will be missed!

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