Q&A: freshman wide receiver Marqise Lee

Daily Trojan: After playing in your first college game, what adjustments do you think you need to make to be successful this year?

Marqise Lee: Better blocking skills. I am too low and need to pick it up.

DT: What do you think are your main strengths as a wide receiver?

Lee: My ability to go up and get the ball. I can catch it when it’s thrown anywhere, which you have to be able to do in my position.

DT: How do you think USC wide receivers coach Ted Gilmore has improved your game?

Lee: He has been really helpful in improving the wide receivers. He puts emphasis on making sure we know our assignments. I now know exactly what routes to run and how to run them. He helps us moderate the defense and know our blocks.

DT: What NFL player would you say your game most resembles?

Lee: I don’t know. I don’t really watch professional football to be honest.

DT: What is one thing most people do not know about you?

Lee: I’m great at ballroom dancing.

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