Patrick Stump uses abstract approach for new music video

When a song is based on a city, most would imagine a video filled with clips of a bustling city. Patrick Stump, lead singer of Fall Out Boy, strayed from that image with the premiere of his first solo video Sept. 20 for his single “This City,” featuring Lupe Fiasco.

The song, off Stump’s upcoming album Soul Punk, pays homage to the two Chicago natives’ city, but the few clips of city life were filmed in California.

There is no storyline to follow or real connection to any city at all, but according to Stump in an interview with MTV, “It would be redundant to take a camera into a city” when the song speaks for itself.

Instead, Stump decided to take an artistic route for “This City.”

Here and there, black-and-white shots of Stump walking the streets of a city pop into the frame, but the rest of the video is of him in front of a camera with a lot of colorful lights and special effects.

Stump told MTV he feels as though the colors and lights by themselves represents life in the city.

The video seems fairly simple, but the special effects edited into it are a little distracting. Although the music is supposed to be the main attraction, the abstractness  overshadows it.

Before Soul Punk is released Oct. 18, Stump will be hitting the road with Panic! at the Disco and Foxy Shazam starting in Reno on Oct. 9.