Roberta Flack to release Beatles cover LP

“Killing Me Softly” is one of those songs that transcends generations. Whether it’s because of the catchiness of the tune or how amusing it is to parody, the song sticks with people of all ages. Roberta Flack, the multi-talented artist behind this hit, is looking to expand her repertoire by channeling the energy of another oldie-but-goodie.

Released Tuesday was “We Can Work It Out,” the lead single from Flack’s first album in more than eight years of being out of the spotlight.

And what type of album will this be? A Beatles cover LP.

Flack plans to include many of the Beatles’ major hits on her album, including “Hey Jude,” “Here Comes the Sun” and “Let It Be.”

Cliché? Maybe. But can Flack do any wrong? Not really. The singer is known for releasing quality projects ever since her debut “First Take.” But things haven’t been perfect for Flack in the process of recording this album.

While transporting audio copies of her recently recorded tracks in New York City, Flack left the suitcase of songs inside a city cab. After a few phone calls and an anxious adventure around the city, Flack was able to track down the cab and the suitcase, thus avoiding a lot of flack from her label by retrieving the tapes.

Now, with tapes in hand and recording going steadily, the as-yet-untitled album looks like its well on its way to closing out production.

The 73-year-old surely has the potential to work magic on the Beatles catalog. You can get the first single exclusively on iTunes now.

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