New carnival-style bar gives haunting Halloween vibe

As Halloween draws near, people begin to look for different ways to celebrate this infamous time of haunting. Although many prefer to go to Knott’s Scary Farm or Universal Studios, the one place even more fascinating is the recently revamped, remodeled and renamed bar One Eyed Gypsy, which unveiled its new look Friday.

The most talked-about aspect of the One Eyed Gypsy (formerly known as both Little Pedro’s and Bordello) is the decorations. One Eyed Gypsy has a dark, carnival-style décor that is both eerie and fascinating. Its menagerie includes ornate mirrors, beads, chandeliers, hand-drawn wallpaper and stained glass dividers, lit only by candlelight. It even includes a stuffed albino ox that greets customers at the door.

For the entertainment, a stage is decorated like a vintage circus tent to host performers from indie bands and ukulele players to sword swallowers and circus acts. There are also vintage games such as skee ball machines, a fortune teller, photo booth and love-o-meter.

With all this entertainment, an excited restaurateur will definitely become hungry. The best part is that you will not have to spend that much money. One Eyed Gypsy has a “$9 and under” menu with dishes such as corndogs with whole grain mustard, sweet potato tots and deep-fried, chocolate-soaked Twinkies known as Deep Fried Crocodiles. The array of food is like going to a gourmet food version of a Los Angeles County fair.

There is also an eccentric list of drinks to choose from that are also cheap. The mixed drinks on this menu have names such as Bearded man, the Riddler’s Punch and Surley Sailor.


The One Eyed Gypsy: 901 E. 1st St., LA.

Four stars our of five