USC trails in mtvU’s first ‘Student Bodies’ episode

In mtvU’s newest season of Student Bodies, a team of two from USC faces a team from UCLA in various fitness-oriented challenges. The winner of the competiton will receive an all-expenses-paid trip to MTV’s Spring Break in Las Vegas, as well as a yearlong bottomless supply of Gatorade G-Series products. This week’s episode, a seven-minute short, featured the two teams battling it out in a baseline-fitness competition.

Sophomore Kelton McMains, a member of the club water polo team and an avid surfer, partnered with junior Chantae Reden for the mtvU special. Reden is an accomplished surfer and snowboarder who plans on training for a triathlon, while McMains looks to improve his overall fitness.

“I decided to participate in Student Bodies because I wanted to take my fitness to the next level,” said McMains. “Fitness is really important to a fit mind.”

This week, the team met main trainer Gunnar Peterson, celebrity trainer to Tom Brady, Kim Kardashian, Matthew McConaughey and Gatorade G-Series trainer Amy Dixon. The show, which is sponsored in part by Gatorade, focused mainly on introducing the competitors and the fitness evaluation.

The teams performed a variety of exercises focusing on four categories: strength, speed, power and endurance. Competitors performed each exercise sequentially for the time trial, ending in a one-mile run. The results will be challenged at the end of the season to see how far each team has progressed. In this baseline evaluation, USC lost to UCLA, completing their trial in 24:21 while UCLA finished in 23:31.

“In the mile, I sort of died,” said Reden.

Hopefully, next week’s episode will be kinder to USC. All competitors clearly have their work cut out for them in Student Bodies.

“It’s important to win because we’re representing USC, and it’s a matter of pride to outdo UCLA in everything possible,” commented McMains.