No high expectations for Snoop Dogg, Khalifa flick

Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa starring in their own stoner flick? Sounds like potentially one of the worst ideas to come out of the music business lately — but then again, there was P.O.I.

Yesterday, the two rappers, dubiously known for their association with and admiration of Mary Jane (and we’re not talking Watson here), released the track listing for the sound track to their upcoming film, Mac and Devin Go To High School.

If the title isn’t enough to make you wonder how Snoop Dogg is going to pass off as a teenager for an entire hour and a half when his music has literally been around for longer than most current USC students have been alive, then the song titles will make you wonder just how high Snoop and Wiz got the record companies and film studios when they okay’ed the sound track.

Let’s take a look:

“Smokin’ On” feat. Juicy J

“I Get Lifted”

“You Can Put it in a Zag, I’mma Put it in a Blunt” — imagine this one being read out at the Oscars for Best Original Song. Maybe Billy Crystal could pull it off.

“Young, Wild & Free” feat. Bruno Mars — already pretty popular, but still most definitely about weed.

“French Inhale” feat. Mike Posner — honestly, these are just getting a little tiring at this point.

And those are just the highlights. There’s no doubt that the other half of the album is just as classy and  PC as the aforementioned tunes. If its the case, this movie is shaping up to be on the undesirable list, for sure.