Lyon Center renovates lockers, gym

The Lyon Center locker rooms reopened this semester with new lockers that will replace lockers that have been in use for more than 20 years.

Let there be light · The main gym on the second floor of the Lyon Center was repainted and had its lights replaced with bulbs that are more energy efficient and are in accordance with current building codes. - Carlo Acenas | Daily Trojan

The renovations over winter break are the beginning of future improvements that will occur at the facility. Additional lockers were added to the second floor of the Lyon Center, said Justine Gilman, senior director of recreational facilities and fitness.

“The old lockers had a fair amount of rust and corrosion that formed over the years,” Gilman said. “It was really time to update aspects of the Lyon Center, and we were able to make some long-needed improvements over winter break.”

An altered system for assigning lockers has also been adopted this semester to make full use of the recent changes.

“For people that had yearlong lockers we reassigned them, and people who want to rent a locker we are assigning them half-length lockers,” Gilman said. “The day-use lockers are separate.”

Serenita Kumar, a graduate student studying clinical psychology, said she appreciates the updated lockers but is having difficulty using the one she has been assigned.

“The new system makes things easier because people can’t just pick and choose what they want, but unfortunately my locker is a little too high,” Kumar said. “They seem flexible about changing lockers though so I don’t think it will be a problem.”

Jimmy Mack, a senior majoring in biological sciences, said the newly installed lockers offer students better protection for their belongings.

“The lockers seem more secure because you can’t see into them and look at someone’s possessions,” Mack said.

Samantha Chaffin, a sophomore majoring in English and theatre, said the Lyon Center has other consistent problems that should be addressed and repaired.

“By the end of the semester, the machines always get run down and messed up,” Chaffin said. “It would be great to invest in new cardio machines because I think some are still broken from last semester.”

Lyon Center management is continually renewing equipment and responding to visitor concerns, Gilman said.

“We always have an ongoing equipment trade out that should be finished by the end of spring or early summer,” Gilman said. “We also believe that we have resolved the television issues. It was a software issue so hopefully they will all be working in a week or two.”

The main gym was also painted and furnished with new lights over the break.

“The lights that are installed follow some of the new codes so students can play in a safe environment,” said Arvin Varma, associate director of facilities and youth programs. “Each light is also expected to give us years and years of life, and it is supposed to take less electricity.”

The showers will be remodeled in summer 2012, which will continue the expected improvements to the Lyon Center.

“It’s a highly used facility so it takes a certain amount of wear and tear,” Gilam said. “We have to continue to upgrade and replace equipment because we want it to be a place where students can feel very comfortable.”


Rohan Aurora contributed to this report.