USG campaign signs removed from Trousdale without permission

Fifteen campaign signs for Jared Ginsburg and Sam Coxe, candidates for Undergraduate Student Government President and Vice President, were taken down from Trousdale Parkway last night without permission from USG or the candidates, USG confirmed.

“The take down was not authorized by [USG],” said Elise Fabbro, USG director of elections and recruitment.

Ginsburg said he suspects that foul play was involved.

“There is suspicion, on our part, that there is involvement, not by other candidates, [necessarily], but by their supporters,” Ginsburg said. “It is particularly obvious to people who have been following [the election] closely that one of the tickets may have been involved in this serious violation.”

Ginsburg and Coxe are investigating the sign removals by filing a report with the Dept. of Public Safety.

“We are looking into the availability of video footage,” Ginsburg said.

Ginsburg said his campaign’s top priority is finding a way to acquire replacement signs. The ticket was unable to order additional signs at the start of the campaign because of USG’s strict budget rules.

“Sam and I are frantically trying to get replacements by Monday, but there is no guarantee given the exorbitant price of overnight shipping,” Ginsburg said.

The candidates can file an election complaint if they find evidence of tampering, Fabbro said.

If a complaint is filed, an election commission comprising five students would have 24 hours to review the case and decide whether to proceed or dismiss the case. If they chose to hear the case, the commission would have 24 hours to make a ruling. A video of the commission meeting would be released the next day.

“We have considered it, but want to gather more evidence,” said Ginsburg, who also said the setback will not affect their campaign’s energy. “This will in no way stop our passion and commitment in wining this campaign, because our platform is in the best interest of the undergraduate student body.”


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