Detectives continue searching for clues, leads in double homicide

Detectives found no signs of struggle at the scene where Ming Qu and Ying Wu were shot and killed early Wednesday morning, LAPD Supervising Detective Sal LaBarbera said.

LaBarbera said Qu got out of the vehicle to seek help after he and Wu were shot. Officers found Qu collapsed on the front porch of Wu’s residence on the 2700 block of Raymond Avenue. Wu was found in the front passenger seat of the 2003 BMW. The car was double-parked with its hazard lights flashing.

[Correction: An earlier version indicated that the vehicle was a late-model BMW 3-series. The Daily Trojan has confirmed that the vehicle was a 2003 BMW. The Daily Trojan regrets this error.]

The gunman approached the driver’s side of the vehicle where Qu sat and fired multiple shots from five to six feet away, according to LaBarbera. Detectives said the gunman fled south on Raymond Avenue.

Detectives said no DNA from the suspect was obtained at the scene. Rain was pouring down at the time of the shooting and might have washed away possible evidence, LaBarbera said.

Investigators believe the suspected male shooter acted alone. No further description of a suspect has been released. Detectives are reviewing surveillance footage from nearby businesses on Normandie Avenue, and footage obtained from DPS surveillance and license plate recognition cameras in the area. There are no cameras stationed directly on Raymond Avenue.

LaBarbera said gang members live in the neighborhoods north and south of the block where the shooting occurred, but the block where Wu lived is home to mostly families and students. Detectives have not determined a motive or whether the shooting was gang-related.

“We do have some good leads that we’re working on,” LaBarbera said. “We have over a dozen homicide detectives working on the case.”

Members of the FBI, DPS Officers and LAPD Officers from the Southwest Division are also assisting with the investigation.

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  1. parent
    parent says:

    please protect our children now.. these are unsafe places.
    we love our children.. they deserve to feel safe..
    I am sadened for the family and these poor dedicated students who worked hard to be here . and never even got to see their family in the end.. so horrible. the parents never even got to say good bye to their children who worked so hard to be here and now gunned down and murdered. enough is enough. stop stop killing! stop raping, stop robbing, the police need to protect the innocent! and usc needs to protect their students now! Is this what it takes? my heart is crying. we have an unsafe country.. this must stop! God help us all. God bless this family.

  2. 22nd/Hoover resident
    22nd/Hoover resident says:

    DPS needs to expand its area as follows:

    NORTH to 22nd St
    WEST covering the area north of Adams between Vermont and Hoover
    WEST covering the area south of Adams between Vermont and Normandie

    Campus Cruiser should also deliver within these same bounds; wherever students live between Figueroa and Normandie/22nd and Exposition, Campus Cruiser should go.

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