Raunchy play lives up to fanboy’s expectations

Calling all geeks! The moment you have all been waiting for is just around the corner. San Diego Comic-Con 2012 begins July 15. And now, just in time for this year’s convention, Geeks! The Musical returns to the Write Act Repertory Theatre in Hollywood.

1 + 1 = love · Jonathan Brett plays a fanboy attending a convention in quest of a Batman comic and the girl (Redetha Deason) of his dreams. - Photo courtesy of Write Act Repertory

Award-winning playwright Tom Misuraca, a self-proclaimed comic book collector, Doctor Who fanatic and Star Wars geek, produced the musical’s book and lyrics; while Bennett Cohon directs.

Centered around the San-Diego Comic Book/Sci-Fi Convention, the story follows a group of — you guessed it — geeks as they journey through various dilemmas in fandom. Geek boy Jordan (Jonathan Brett) strives to get the girl (Redetha Deason) — and a mint copy of Batman #92.

If Jordan gets the girl, will the Mario to his Luigi, Chip (Tyler Koster), be abandoned? Or worse, will Chip get stuck spending his entire time at Comic-Con with elitist Emerson (Wil Bowers / Stefan Rich)?

Meanwhile, Trey (Brandon Murphy Barnes), the sexually confused artist, and his Goth friend, Audrina (Juliette Angeli), are hell-bent on getting their avant-garde comic book published.

And in an age of ignorance toward classics, has-been sci-fi actor Mel Tyler (Dan Woren) endures criticism and badgering from fans as they inquire about the upcoming remake of his old TV show.

With the Write Act Repertory Theatre inside a church, you might expect a rather pristine production. But looks can be deceiving, the musical proved to be rather raunchy.

It was a pleasant surprise to hear Misuraca’s colorful language come to life. From sexual innuendos involving Doctor Who’s sonic screwdriver to jokes about Princess Leia’s breasts, it would be advised to leave the younger geeks at home.

All music is played live on a keyboard by the talented Rocco Vitacco; he even has a few humorous one-liners. Misuraca’s lyrics are also full of catchy word play that’s entertaining for the hardcore geek as well as educational for the newbie.

In particular, “The Who’s Who of Doctor Who” provides a fun way to remember the names of all 11 actors who have played “The Doctor” in BBC’s hit TV series, Doctor Who.

The realness of the characters being portrayed can provide a comforting feeling for any geek. The characters in Geeks! The Musical ask the audience to look beyond the stereotype of taped-up glasses and suspenders and to understand that geeks are people with individual differences.

They are gay, straight, black, white and even girls. And they don’t all share the same geeky interests, as the song “There’s Gotta Be Some Middle Ground Here” explains.

Geeks! The Musical is a must-see for any fan of comic books and science fiction and especially all attendees of San Diego Comic-Con.

Grab your light saber and sonic screwdriver, throw on your tights and cape and get your batmobile to the Write Act Repertory Theatre.


Geeks! The Musical plays at the Write Act Repertory Theatre until July 8. 

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