Students should choose wedges over heels

This advice will help you stumble a little bit less while walking on the notoriously uneven pavement of The Row. Take a stand, quite literally, against finding yourself two meters from where you intended because you’re stuck in the grass or cracks in the pavement.

To solve these problems, ditch the high heels and wear wedges. With all fashion, comfort is important but style shouldn’t be sacrificed in the process. Wedges offer you the much-needed support for college parties and you won’t be “that” girl who can’t walk in six-inch heels. Instead of being the girl who’s well-known for carrying her heels while walking home in bare feet, be the one to who is smart and casual by wearing wedges.

With a fashion-savvy attitude, be sure to check out Steve Madden wedges for going out. These shoes are always affordable and trendy. Be careful when purchasing this brand at locations outside of Steve Madden stores because they tend to be very overpriced. Steve Madden wedges allow you to achieve a more daring and edgy outfit by incorporating studs and neon into the brand’s collections.

For the daytime, check out the secret wedge. On the outside it appears to be a normal flat but inserted in the shoe are a few inches of wedge. These shoes are the perfect way to add a few more inches to your legs without letting anyone know you’re faking it, and they come in many shapes and styles. Matiko is a perfect place to find casual boots with this hidden wedge. What’s wonderful about these shoes is that they are extremely comfortable and make a perfect fit for class.

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