South Figueroa offers tasty gluten-free options

Sure, there are many trendy places that you can get your gluten-free on within the great city of Los Angeles. But in case your pockets don’t run deep enough to help support the eating habits of über-cool hipsters at the hottest cafeteria/restaurant/hole in the wall that actually costs 20 bucks per bite, or in case you don’t own a car to sit through eight hours of the typical L.A. traffic, then don’t worry — there are still plenty of options around in the trendy South Figueroa area.

Italian food is rare in Los Angeles alone — so forget about finding a restaurant that’ll serve gluten-free food around campus. But fortunately Domino’s has gluten-free crust — that’s right, Domino’s — and as any well-partied Trojan knows, delivers until 2 a.m.

Everyone’s favorite late night Mexican joint (and I’m not talking about greasy Chano’s), Freebirds, is open on weekends until 2:30 a.m. Try one of their delicious burrito bowls or tacos — on corn tortillas, of course. Be wary of the steak: this deliciously prepared meat unfortunately contains wheat according to the nutrition facts listed on their website. To make up for what you miss out in the meat department, load up on their chips. This addicting snack is sure to keep you full.

If you’re looking for a decent sit down place, then The Lab is also a great option. For a girl who hates salads, all of the salads on their menu are extremely tasty. Just make sure you always ask about nutrition information and be wary of hidden gluten, especially in dressing.

The options don’t end there. Fresh & Easy has a small section of gluten-free items, not to mention loads of prepared foods that are clearly labeled if they contain wheat or gluten products. Five Guys’ products are gluten-free, except for its buns, so go crazy with the fries.

If all else fails, do what I do. Hit up Subway at 2 a.m., get a sandwich, retreat to your room and put it on Udi’s gluten-free bread. Annoying, but oh so tasty.