Casual blazers, colored pants mix up male student attire

Unfortunately when walking across campus, you’ll find many men wearing frat tanks and shorts. Although their clothing decisions aren’t overwhelmingly disappointing, they could add a little more variation to their outfits.

It would be refreshing to see college men walking around USC in trendy attire. Here are some quick tips to keep in mind when trading in the standard block-colored tanks and shorts for far more interesting clothing combinations.

The first suggestion for mixing things up is to add blazers to your options. Before you put on a blazer, switch the tanks for casual buttoned shirts or printed T-shirts. Following the separation from the tank, you should let your shorts have a day off and sport blue or black jeans.

A black blazer is fashion savvy but isn’t adventurous and, quite frankly, too standard. Luckily, you can easily upgrade from black by choosing a dark blue blazer with gold buttons. This look is still subtle but adds a little more spice and requires some courage. A great place to look for these styles is Ralph Lauren; the intricate crest on the front is an added bonus to your look.

If you really want to radiate style, you should play with daring colors and textures. Go out of your comfort zone and try velvet, which is a classy way to wear bright colors. A dark red velvet blazer may sound strange but it’s a showstopper when well-worn.

Last but not least, colored pants are also a great way to add an edge to your outfit. Stay away from wearing a colored blazer with colored pants unless it happens to be an exceptional combination. If the outfit is loaded with too much color, you could look like you’re trying too hard. Red and dark blue are colors to keep in mind when choosing pants. H&M is a great place to explore when searching for colorful pants.