Haute Highlights

Dusk-to-Dawn Horrorthon

Saturday, Oct. 27 at 7:30 p.m.

Aero Theatre, Santa Monica

Another October weekend, another fright-fest. This Saturday, all Halloween-crazed thrill seekers should make their way to the Aero Theatre for an all-night (and early morning!) marathon of six oldie-but-goodie horror films.

The Devil’s Rain (1985) and Hellraiser (1987) are but two of the night’s features , which will be shown with spooky shorts and trailers in between.

A special student rate of $18 will make this your cheapest movie outing all semester. Add to that free food and fun giveaways, and you’ve got yourself a Halloween weekend that may feel more like Christmas.


2012 Día de los Muertos

Saturday, Oct. 27 at 12 p.m.

Hollywood Forever Cemetery

Where better than the Hollywood Forever Cemetery to host one of Los Angeles’ premier Halloween events? Angelenos flock to the venue’s storied grounds to add some cultural flair and morbid fun to their Halloween experience.

Dressing as acalaca, those painted skeletons traditional to Día de los Muertos celebrations, is recommended. Arrive after 4 p.m., when children are no longer allowed into the cemetery for free, and you can outfit yourself in a truly scary costume.

Admission is $10.


Blackout Haunted House

Friday, Oct. 26 – Wednesday, Oct. 31

Various Downtown locations

If you’re looking for more thrilling Halloween fare than the seasonal pumpkin patch or mediocre costume party, the Blackout Haunted House might cater to your tastes. “No one under 18 is admitted, and you must walk through alone,” says the Blackout Haunted House’s website. But perhaps this is because the attraction isn’t really a haunted house. By preventing patrons from enjoying the safety that comes from travelling with a large group of friends, Blackout Haunted House ups the ante and, ultimately, the scare factor.

Blackout’s employees ask partakers to sign a waiver before leading them through a series of violent, sexual scenarios designed to disturb and confuse even the least faint of heart. Actors have full permission to frighten participants through any means necessary — Blackout-goers check personal space at the door — and though yelling “safety” can get participants out of an uncomfortable situation, there’s no refund for being too scared to hack it.

For those who think they can take it, however, Blackout House provides a more extreme Halloween option.

A limited amount of tickets are available for selected nights.



Friday, Oct. 26 at 7:30 p.m.

Egyptian Theater

“Who ya gonna call?”

Settling down on a Friday evening with this classic 1984 film might be a great way to relax into a comfortable, scare-free Halloween holiday. Directed by Ivan Reitman, Ghostbusters follows the hilariously entertaining story of three parapsychologists determined to save New York from pesky poltergeists. Enjoying this award-winning film at the historic Egyptian Theater will provide a more upscale way of viewing an iconic piece of cinema.

Just make sure to buy tickets on the Egyptian Theater’s website before heading to Hollywood Boulevard.

Non-member tickets are $11.