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The following incidents were reported in the USC Dept. of Public Safety incident report summary between Monday, March 25, and Tuesday, March 26. 

Crimes against a person

At 3:00 a.m. on March 26, DPS officers responded to a student who reported from the Delta Chi fraternity house that she was sexually assaulted. The crime did not occur there.

Crimes against property

At 9:16 P.M. on March 25, DPS officers responded to a report from a student that said he and his friend confronted two suspects after seeing the suspects remove their cellular phones while they were running on the track at Dean Bartlett Cromwell Field. The suspects returned the phones, then fled in a waiting vehicle.  DPS officers responded to the call to conduct an investigation, but they were unable to determine if a crime had occurred because the two students did not cooperate with the officers.

At 1:11 P.M. on March 25, DPS officers responded to a student report that a suspect climbed through an open window to gain entry and removed five watches, two bottles of alcohol and a pair of sunglasses from 1150 30th St.

Miscellaneous incidents

at 4:24 P.m. on March 25, DPS officers responded to a staff member who injured her wrist, back, shoulders and buttocks when she slipped and fell inside the Carol Little Building. An LAFD RA unit was requested and Unit #84 responded.  The RA Unit examined the staff member, then transported her to California Hospital for medical treatment.

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  1. USC
    USC says:

    According to DPS and the University, the Daily Trojan is factually incorrect in its reporting. The report of a sexual assault occurred at Kappa Kappa Gamma and Delta Chi was not involved.

    • Rachel Bracker
      Rachel Bracker says:

      Hello —

      We received the original incorrect report from DPS, who had made an error in naming Delta Chi as the location. The Daily Trojan noted this correction in print.

      Rachel Bracker
      Managing editor

      • DC
        DC says:

        Who do we get to sue for this misinformation?

        Will USC threaten to close down Kappa for letting this happen on their property?

      • PM
        PM says:

        Perhaps it would make sense to correct this information in the online article as well, instead of misreporting a sexual assault? Although I suppose this is the quality of the reporting the Daily Trojan is known for.

  2. Tgoi
    Tgoi says:

    Another reason to close the row! How many incidents do we need before the administration takes action?

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