Rihanna pioneers new generation of beauty

In June of this year, pop star and entrepreneur Rihanna revealed the new slogan for her Fenty Beauty Line: “The New Generation of Beauty.” It is to be a new generation, one that champions individuality and inclusivity, one that defies the mainstream, all while simultaneously redefining it.  It is everything Rihanna stands for, embodying the defining characteristics that have made her a generational icon, and now she is pushing others to do the same. She has already conquered the music and fashion industries but now, with Fenty Beauty, she has placed herself at the forefront of the beauty industry.

Speculation about the Fenty Beauty release date first began in April, when she made a surprise appearance at her own Fenty x Puma release, wearing a holographic lip gloss whose brand no one could identify. This was the first time she was seen wearing her own cosmetic line, and the first time the public was given a peek as to what it could possibly include. The suspicion ended with the release of two highly praised Instagram trailers featuring models Duckie Thot, Slick Woods, Halima Aden, Paloma Elsesser, Leomie Anderson, Selah Marley and more. In the first video, the models strut the streets of New York City, wearing a Fenty Beauty lip gloss and sparkly gold highlighters. In the second video, model Camila Costa lists off what appear to be shade names, including Trophy Wife, Yacht Life, Confetti and Chili Mango.

But most importantly, what has separated Fenty Beauty from the release of other celebrity makeup lines is its accessibility and benefits for diverse people. One of the most praised aspects of the beauty line is how it features 40 different foundation shades. As Rihanna told Refinery 29, she wanted “things [she] could fall in love with. Then [she] wanted things girls of all skin tones could fall in love with.”

Rihanna made sure that her line would not only feature foundations that would finally include darker skinned girls in the makeup conversation, and also carry shades for those with fairer skin, who also have trouble finding the perfect match. The line also includes six pressed powder highlights, 10 shimmer sticks and 20 creme sticks. In addition, some of the collection is geometrically designed, and many of the items magnetically connect to create what looks like DNA strands. The line is also free of sulfates, parabens and phthalates, and is cruelty-free.

Rihanna has been consciously inclusive in every decision pertaining to both her fashion and beauty lines. Specifically, in terms of Fenty Beauty, this is evident in the diverse array of products and models chosen to represent her work, as well as among the makeup artists who would represent the brand. Each makeup artist was found through open casting calls. Erik Soto, the global artistry and education senior manager for Kendo Brands — Fenty Beauty’s parent company — wrote that the purpose of open casting calls was “to build a diverse team of beauty experts who excel in the areas of artistry, elevated education, makeup experience, and have an ability to best represent the brand.” He also stated this type of interview process “levels the playing field and allows artists everywhere an opportunity and have their work seen and be considered for a global position for a dynamic new brand.”

Rihanna is truly on a quest to find the new generation of beauty. Now, all the world has to do is join her.