A rundown of the styles and trends spotted at Coachella 2018

In the past, Coachella fashion was synonymous with cultural insensitivity, but this year, people seem to have finally gotten the memo that feathered headdresses are inappropriate. Of course, while trends have shifted, flower crowns will always be a staple. Here’s a rundown of all the styles spotted at Coachella 2018:

Coachella merchandise

The Coachella merchandise tent was enormous, stocked with hoodies, t-shirts, tote bags and more, all stamped with the ubiquitous logo, as well as a plethora of items advertising the various artists set to perform. But beware of anyone attired in a shirt emblazoned with a specific artist, because during their show, they will push and shove in order to get to the very front.


Sure, it might not go with the rest of your carefully curated outfit, but a bandana is absolutely essential to surviving the weekend without becoming bedridden the next week. The Coachella dust is insidious; the wind isn’t heavy, but the fields are barren and the air is dry, so you don’t even notice the fine particles making their way into your nose and mouth until Monday morning comes around and you’re coughing up a storm. A bandana wrapped around your face makes all the difference, and can always be whipped off when it’s photoshoot time.

Photo courtesy of Coachella.

Sparkle and shine

Glitter seemed to the be the accent du jour, as people coated their faces, arms, legs and backs in swathes of sparkle. The disco ball craze also extended to outfits, as holographic fabric, shimmering mesh and sequin-encrusted materials were also popular at the festival.

Sensible shoes

Anyone wearing heels over three inches has already taken them off and is limping around barefoot by the time the sun has set. If your sole purpose in attending Coachella is to flex on the ’gram, then by all means, go ahead and rock those sky-high stilettos. But for those looking to catch a few sets and maybe even dance a little, you’re much better off sporting a pair of Vans, Converse or Nikes. Sandals were also well-represented, but will likely result in bruised toes.

(Next to) nothing

Coachella is one of the only occasions where it’s socially acceptable to don underwear in public without incurring charges of public indecency, and festival-goers took full advantage of it. The tiniest shorts, a straight-up thong, nothing but pasties — anything goes. For the shy or insecure, a note of reassurance: No one notices a little cellulite when you’re sandwiched in the middle of a mass of sweaty, writhing bodies baking under the relentless desert sun.