Fraternities investigated for alleged hazing

Phi Sigma Kappa (above) and Sigma Alpha Mu fraternities were suspended Friday for alleged hazing. (Emily Smith | Daily Trojan)

Two Greek fraternities are barred from hosting social activities as they face an interim suspension while the University investigates alleged hazing violations.

According to USC’s Fraternity and Sorority Leadership Development site, Sigma Alpha Mu and Phi Sigma Kappa were put on interim suspension Friday.

These are the latest Greek organizations to face suspension after Alpha Epsilon Pi and Pi Kappa Phi were put on suspension last month for similar alleged violations. Sigma Delta Alpha and Tau Kappa Epsilon have official social suspensions for Fall 2018 due to prior completed investigations.

The Fraternity and Sorority Leadership Council instructed Sigma Alpha Mu and Phi Sigma Kappa  to cancel the parties they were planning to host that night, according to Sigma Alpha Mu Vice President Matthew Parker.

Parker said that a representative from the FSLC would provide them with a notice explaining the alleged violations and interim suspension.

The notice, sent by Assistant Vice Provost for Student Engagement Monique Allard, cited violations of hazing regulations and health and safety codes, Parker said. The Daily Trojan was unable to confirm the contents of the notice by the time of publication.

However, in a statement to the Daily Trojan, USC said that it takes allegations of hazing seriously and these current allegations are under investigation.

“Organizations that are being investigated for alleged violations of the code of conduct can be instructed to suspend or modify social activities pending results of an investigation,” the University wrote.

Parker explained that the fraternity was unsure what codes the fraternity broke and that they had not heard from Allard on Monday.

“We’re not sure what they’re accusing of us, but I’m sure we didn’t do it,” Parker said. “They’re bringing on the suspension for not much reason and there’s not a lot of transparency with telling us what we’re accused of.”

The prohibition of social activities is forcing Sigma Alpha Mu to cancel a fundraiser meant to pay the medical bills of the organization’s sous chef who was diagnosed with cancer and recently had surgery, according to Parker.

“It is unclear why they can’t make an exception for those events,” Parker said. “Canceling a party, I can totally understand if they want to cancel social events. But I don’t see why canceling a philanthropy … is such a bad thing.”

USC Interfraternity Council declined to comment. The President of Phi Sigma Kappa directed the Daily Trojan to FSLD and declined to comment.

Erica Hur contributed to this report.